Top Employee Engagement Tips that Absolutely Increase Your Organizational Productivity

Do you want to increase the productivity of your organization? Do you want your employees to be satisfied? Do you want to decrease the employee turnover rate of your organization? Do you want your workforce to be more efficient?

If all these questions are asked to any employer, the answer would definitely be “yes”. But how can you do all this? The single answer to all these queries is simply by increasing your employees’ engagement.

Nowadays, there are a few employees in the organization who seemed to be engaged in the large workforce.

There is a strong positive relationship between the employee engagement and the organization productivity.

When employees feel committed to their work, more efficiency increases, increasing the organizational productivity in the long run.

Employee engagement is not an exact science.

It is based on business model and HR experience that engage a company’s aptitude towards success and productivity.

As an effective leader it is your responsibility to motivate the employees to be more committed to their work.

When you are building your company brand, you need to consider both external and internal factors including the followings.

  • Stakeholders (Who have expectations)
  • Employees (Who have needs,)
  • Customers (Who have their own requirements)

It requires a delicate balance. Some companies neglect their internal factors which lead to failure to provide appropriate challenging and engaging workplace.

As an effective leader you should focus on engagement strategy that is a key element to increase productivity.

On the other hand if your employees are un-engaged you would have to face problems.

  • They would pass their time daydreaming
  • Carelessly do their work,
  • Forget the tasks assigned,
  • They would not follow the deadlines.

As much as employee engagement seems important, it is a difficult task to accomplish and requires a lot of efforts.

Best Ideas for Employee Engagement

There are certain tips and techniques that could definitely help you to improve the employee engagement.

Employee Engagement

• Give Confidence to your Employee

Employee Engagement

A good leader always encourages his employee by taking advice in different matters.

Involving the employee in the decision-making process and taking their opinion is definitely going to keep the employees committed.

Do not criticize their opinions. Make them feel comfortable to speak in front of you.

Respect your workers’ opinion regarding all issues. In this way, employees would also feel comfortable to ask questions if they have to.

• Encourage them to Socialize

Employee Engagement

Another important factor to be kept in mind is that employees should always interact with each other.

You should have to provide enough space for the employees’ interaction in their daily routine.

Encourage them to work in teams. It would be easy for them to know each other.

This would help to increase the employee productivity as this would help them to adjust in the work environment.

• Be a Mentor

Employee Engagement

Act as a mentor to your employees. It’s another great way to keep your employees engaged at work.

To be a good mentor is a significant leadership skill.

An employee came up with lots of problems in their daily routines for which they definitely need someone to guide them properly.

In such situations, help them and be there for them.

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• Reward your Employees

Employee Engagement

Rewards are a sure way to improve employee engagement. The best reward is to give cash bonuses.

Encourage the employees besides certifications and titles.

Hence, always remember to reward them only for their good work.

If you do not have a budget of big rewarding programs simple words of praise could be enough to raise the employee morale.

Have a Party at WorkEmployee Engagement

Celebrate small events to kill a little of the boredom of the work week.

You can arrange small events like Popcorn Thursdays and Chocolate Tuesday etc.

These events are very helpful for your employees from different areas of the organization to get to know each other on a personal level.

There are many kinds of events including the followings:

  1. Launch of a new product
  2. Achievement of the employees (big or small)
  3. Closing of a enormous deal,
  4. Welcome party for a new team member

In addition, create a friendly environment at the workplace.

• Set SMART goals and provide feedback

Employee Engagement

The goals and the tasks you assign to the employees are major factors to decide the level of employee engagement at their work.

If you set too high goals for the employee that is beyond the capacities of the worker, would result in lower engagement level.

The employees would not be encouraged to work nor complete the task within the specified time.

So, always set SMART goal.

S: Specific
M: Manageable
A: Attainable
R: Realistic
T: Time Based

After the completion of the task, providing timely feedback is also an important thing to do.

• Be flexible and Encouraging

Employees love to work under the supervision of such leaders who are more flexible.

It is not always necessary to be strict. Give your employees as much relaxation as you can as far as they are performing their tasks.

Always support them to learn new things regarding their work by encouraging them to get more degrees and certifications.

Employee Engagement

These simple and useful techniques will definitely help you to increase your employee engagement level and would boost their performance that would result in the profit maximization of your business in the long run.

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