Problem Solving Skills, a requisite of Independent Employees

Despite being unspecified in a job description, most employers will consider your problem solving skills during various stages in an interview.

It can be anything ranging from one on one interviews, group activities, and psychometric tests.

What are Problem Solving Skills?

Problem solving skills are all about logical reasoning as well as creative use of one’s imagination.

These skills are essentially all about comprehending a situation and coming up with an approach to tackle a problem that addresses every aspect of the issue.

Of course, these skills are, in turn, connected to other personality traits that compliment problem solving skills. To use these skills in a right direction you need to be aware of problem solving steps.

How to Develop Problem Solving Skills

The ability to solve problems is a vital skill everyone has, however, in varying capacities.

People react differently in different situations; professionally speaking, no job provides the environment for smooth sailing. This is why every employer is keen on hiring individuals with exceptional problem solving skills.

As an effective leader you need to aware how to improve your problem solving skills. It can be considered as a most important addition of leadership skills list.

Independent employees don’t allow anything to come between them and their job; if it does, it is taken care of just as quickly as it emerged.

In order to learn essential problem solving skills, a few problems are listed for you to solve. Keep trying until you reach a positive conclusion.

These situations will give you the necessary problem solving skills, and will most definitely help you in your career.

  • Try solving a computer error or problem on your own. Operating a computer besides browsing and facebooking feels like quite a challenge for most people nowadays. However, most of the issues that arise on a computer are easily solvable; it just requires a little effort.
  • Resolve a dispute with a landlord, and make them give your deposit back. Landlords are known to be quite stingy; solving this issue will be a great exercise.
  • Try satisfying a customer that is difficult to please.
  • Find a way around the funding shortfall that is needed to pay for a gap year, or a vacation.
  • Take a struggling students’ society and turn its finances around.
  • Organize a trip overseas, and overcome the various unforeseen difficulties on the way.

Games and puzzles like Chess and Sudoku also strengthen one’s ability to think creatively and strategically.

Personality Traits that Complement Your Problem Solving Skills

Resilience and level headedness are crucial for properly assessing a situation; every aspect must be considered, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

To lead the organization effectively you should be a creative and confident problem solver.

Creativity is another trait that would complement your problem solving skill, as most problems don’t have straightforward solutions, which is why they are called problems.

Tackling such issues requires an inspired yet unorthodox approach, which can only stem from creative thinking.

Ability to work in a team environment is another plus, as combined thinking only allows problems to be solved faster.

Problem Solving Examples

Whether you are preparing for an interview, or putting together a job application, having examples of your problem solving skills will benefit you in ways you will realize later.

Once you sit down for the interview or when a prospective employer is looking through your resume, explaining how you encountered a problem, managed to identify it, came up with a solution, and then implemented that solution will show that you have what it takes to hold your own.

In some of the graduate recruitment processes, you will be provided with a problem that must be tackled.

Get started on it by using the IDEAL model as set forth by Bransford and Stein in their book named the Ideal Problem Solver. This IDEAL model breaks down in the following stages:

Problem Solving Skills

This is perhaps the best approach to solve a problem; showing that you are capable of holding your own in problematic situations and it will strengthen your position.

As employers and managers detest a person that comes running every time an employee comes to them with a problem.

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